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About Kelly Barker, FNP, Master Injector Kerrville, TX

About Me

Welcome! I'm Kelly Barker, a dedicated nurse practitioner with a passion for mentoring, coaching, and helping other healthcare professionals and patients achieve their goals.

In discovering my true calling in the medical aesthetics industry, I'm determined to provide an inclusive platform that fosters a sense of community and support for healthcare professionals and patients. I firmly believe that when embarking on a new journey, encouragement and guidance from like-minded individuals sets you up for the highest degree of success. 

I offer affordable courses for healthcare professionals that help you smoothly transition into your new career in aesthetics. I will continue to expand my offerings with new courses coming quarterly. With a focus on mentorship and community, I have created an online community to ensure you feel supported during your journey.

My ultimate goal is to help each client achieve their goals as confidently as possible. I take the guesswork out and share my failures so you can bypass them in your journey.

education & experience

I graduated with my BSN from Northern Arizona University in 2010. After passing my national board exam, I began my career as an ICU nurse at St. David's Medical Center in Austin, Texas. Eager to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse practitioner, I enrolled in the MSN program at the University of Cincinnati, specializing in the Family Nurse Practitioner track. After graduating in August 2015 and obtaining board certification in September, I ventured into the role of a nurse practitioner and first assistant at a bustling Neurosurgery practice in Tacoma, Washington, starting in October 2015.

Life led me back to Texas in 2018, where I transitioned to orthopedic surgery. In 2020, I pursued my passion for aesthetic medicine and obtained botox/filler certification through the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE). I have continued working in medical aesthetics for the last 3 years, in addition to my part-time role at a private practice in Kerrville, Texas, dedicated to orthopedics.

Throughout my healthcare journey, I've found strength in exceptional mentors and a supportive community of professionals. I recognize the challenges in entering the field of Medical Aesthetics due to financial constraints and mentorship availability. I aim to provide affordable, concise educational resources online and in person, enabling aspiring professionals to step into this field confidently. I deeply value a collaborative community over competition and am committed to sharing my knowledge to support newcomers.

Moreover, I've noticed the overwhelming nature of skincare and self-care within and beyond the industry. To address this, I'll offer guidance on skincare regimens featuring select products I trust. As we grow, I aim to incorporate more recommendations for overall well-being, fostering a thriving and radiant community.

I'm thrilled to work with healthcare professionals seeking entry into aesthetics and patients seeking injectable treatments or skincare guidance. Together, let's navigate this field and promote confidence and wellness!

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